Mandela Day Comes to Madrid


Nelson Mandela has given 67 years of his life fighting for social justice, and today we ask you to give 67 minutes of your time.

Madrid – February 11th 2010: Today, as the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, it has been officially announced that Madrid is to host Nelson Mandela Day 2010, with an exciting program of activities that will take place during the first part of the year.

Tim Massey, International Director of 46664 and International Nelson Mandela Day, stated: “Nelson Mandela Day is a social movement, one that has no room for discrimination and instead embraces and unites all humanitarian organizations because we are each striving for the same thing. Mandela has given 67 years of his life fighting for human rights and all we are asking is for everyone to give 67 minutes of their time to a charitable endeavor, whether that involves supporting your chosen charity, serving your community or simply performing a good deed for your neighbour.”

Many different activities will take place as part of Nelson Mandela Day Madrid 2010:

· Social Action: Nelson Mandela Day will be working alongside leading NGOs to encourage people to participate in a series of volunteering activities, and to give 67 minutes to their chosen social cause.

· Art and culture: Next summer, Madrid will host the award-winning Nelson Mandela Day exhibition, based on the exhibition displayed in 2009 at New York’s Grand Central Station.

· Education: Nelson Mandela Day Madrid 2010 aims to reach many educational establishments and spread the values that embody Mr. Mandela’s life. Through schools and social networks, students between the ages of 12 to 17 will be invited to take part in a competition entitled “Nelson Mandela Day and Young People”. By answering the question, “How do you interpret the Mandela Legacy?” they will have the chance to be one of 12 selected to travel to South Africa and visit the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg.

· Sports: Nelson Mandela Day is engaging with sporting institutions to develop a series of events in the 67 days leading up to Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday in July.

· Music: Madrid will host series of musical activities beginning with a special performance of B.B. King at la Riviera, Madrid, on June 2nd. In July, 46664 will stage a multi-artist concert to mark the culmination of the program of events taking place in the city in celebration of Nelson Mandela Day.

Nelson Mandela Day Madrid 2010 celebrations are taking place in our country following the official UN Resolution. On 11th November last year, the United Nations General Assembly declared 18th July – Nelson Mandela’s birthday – as International Nelson Mandela Day, to celebrate the legacy of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former President of South Africa. The adoption of this resolution is a truly significant historical moment because it is the first time that the UN has designated an international day in honor of one person.

In addition to support from the UN and thus all member states, leaders from all over the world have united in this project. The South African Ambassador to Spain has declared: “The Government of South Africa is absolutely delighted that Nelson Mandela Day 2010 is taking place in Madrid. We are certain that through the program of activities carried out over the course of this year, Madrid and all Spanish citizens will understand the importance of Nelson Mandela Day and they will embrace his legacy and values.”

After 27 years of imprisonment under the then-Apartheid government in South Africa, Nelson Mandela emerged to forge reconciliation with his oppressors and to lead the country peacefully through the transition from a 46-year era of racial segregation.

Mr. Mandela has been making an imprint on the world for 67 years since he began actively campaigning for the human rights of every South African. Nelson Mandela Day now calls upon each of us to give 67 minutes of our time in helping others, rooted in the idea that each individual has the ability to make an imprint and change the world around them for the better.

About 46664

46664, the campaign that bears Mr. Mandela’s RobbenIsland prison number, was originally launched to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. Working alongside the other Mandela organizations, it is now expanding its focus to champion Mr. Mandela’s broader humanitarian work. A centrepiece of 46664’s activities will be the celebration of Mandela Day each year, and funds raised from Mandela Day will support the ongoing work of 46664 and the Nelson Mandela charitable organizations.

About Nelson Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela Day is a global initiative proposed by 46664 and the Nelson Mandela Foundation as a day to honor and celebrate Nelson Mandela and his legacy. Nelson Mandela Day includes a series of events involving interactive art, entertainment, music, film, educational outreach and community service with the hope of inspiring people around the globe to embrace their individual power to make an imprint and help change the world around them for the better.



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