Former Popstar and Afro-Z member Ernie B St Clair releases second album


Former Popstar and Afro-Z member Ernie B St Clair releases second album

Cape Town, 29 November 2010: Urban pop sensation Ernie B St Clair is back with his second album I Am Universal which features the two smash radio hits Tonight and It’s The Music, which have both received extensive air play on radio stations across the country.

Two years in the making and 21 tracks laid down, the final 13-track album features collaborations with many top South African performing artists including Jita, Stan1, Khalil Philips and SAMA nominee Chad Saaiman. I Am Universal was produced by Ernie and newby on the block Ashley Valentine (also known as Grand Boy). Both are instrumental in the world-class sound and production quality that has kept fans in anticipation for the last 24 months.

“The biggest motivating force for this album was pushing the envelope for myself as an artist, be it improving vocally, producing a better quality of music and also challenging myself to write about social matters and things I observe around me,” said Ernie, who lists his Michael Jackson and his son as two of the main inspirations behind the songs on this album. “I was and still am a big fan of Micheal’s as great performer and I hold vast respect for his ability to use his music as a vehicle to speak to the masses with the humanitarian lyrics in many of his songs.”

The album name was inspired by the ” I Am” saying. “Whatever you say you are, you are!” elaborated Ernie who wants the album to speak to the masses on an international level, thus explaining the “universal” in the title.

Aside from working hard to get his new CD out to the public, Ernie is currently taking on the singing and dancing role of his idol Michael Jackson in the popular Barnyard Theatre show The Big Five, which is currently touring nationally. I Am Universal will be available on as a CD and a digital download and will be in retail stores in early 2011.

For press queries, contact Tim Hill at Tuned In Entertainment on 082 888 5845 or tim.


About Ernie B St Claire

Ernie B St Clair first entered onto the music scene as one of ten finalists in the Coca Cola Pop Stars Competition. The finalists were given an opportunity by Virgin Records and Tartan to excel in the music industry and two months later contracts were signed and Afro-Z was born. This lead to an album and numerous chart-topping songs across the country. The band was nominated for numerous awards including a Channel O Music Video Award in 2004.

Ernie B St. Clair has had a passion for music from an early age. Michael Jackson is one of his main inspirations and he has been impersonating him since the age of 4 and currently plays the late mega-star in a show running at the Barnyard Theatre across the country. Arts and culture is in his blood and Ernie B St. Clair hopes to make great change in the South African entertainment industry by being actively involved in talent scouting and development in underprivileged areas throughout the country. His love for the entertainment industry extends beyond music – he studied both drama and is a qualified sound engineer. A newspaper described Ernie B St. Clair as having “loads of energy and appeal. In sweet voice and nifty moves.” His debut solo album is out later in 2010.

I Am Universal – Track Listing

1. Its the Music feat.

2. My 8th wonder feat Grand boy

3. Floors on Fire

4. Personal Star feat. Chad Saaiman

5. Do about us feat Black copper

6. So Fine

7. Addictive feat Khalil

8. Illusional

9. Best part of my life

10. Masquerade

11. Damaged feat Crazy Lu

12. Save the world

13. Tonight feat Stan1

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