On The Couch Sport Support

Auric AutoAuric Auto has been innovating to deliver more since the day they opened their doors.

And Cape Town has responded by supporting them enough to make them one of the most recognised and respected motoring brands in the city. To say thank you, they’re teaming up with Heart 104.9FM’s On The Couch to help your sports team improve its performance.

Sport Support is your opportunity to tell us what we can do to help you. Auric Auto might choose your proposal and support your team by giving you what you need!

There are no limits on what we might consider – but we do want to help as many sports teams as possible, so hosting a World Cup might be a stretch. Playing kit, goalposts, travel bags, scoreboards – whatever you need, use the form below to tell us what you need, and how it’ll help your team.

Both Auric Auto and On The Couch are dedicated to high performance. Together, they’ll scrutinise the applications to find the ones where we can make a real difference – and each week between 08h00 and 09h00 on Saturday mornings, we’ll announce who’s going to get some Sport Support.

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