Adrien Conradie who heads up Dance A&R at Universal Music South Africa will be speaking at Music Exchange in September

We all feel a connection with music, and for some it makes its way to the very core of our soul. This was the case for Adrien Conradie, better known as Adie. Having grown up in the bustling hive of culture that is Johannesburg, his passion for South Africa’s rich culture of music and expression, is evident in his work as a music producer, DJ and label manager.

Having taken a keen interest in music at a young age, Adrien decided to forgo the life of Bcom business management, and instead complete a Sound Engineering qualification at the Academy of Sound Engineering. He quickly took an interest in the business side of the industry and the inner workings of the labels he admired and landed his first position, while still studying full time, as an intern for Music Entertainment And Solutions Hub (MESH) working for long-time mentor Nic Burger in their digital distribution department.

After only a few short months he worked his way into a label that influenced him to become a DJ, Soul Candi Records. His roles included running their sister dance label, F! Records, as well as assisting with digital marketing, singles signings & licensing and even running an online radio station and mobile app.

His journey with Soul Candi came to an end in 2015 when he moved on to work for Universal owned streaming platform, Kleek, as a Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant.

It wasn’t long before Universal Music noticed his work for Kleek and took an interest in him.

Adrien now heads up Dance A&R at Universal Music South Africa, as well as consulting on Compilations and Digital Marketing.

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