Important meeting tonight : What is the role of the artist in post-apartheid South Africa?

Three decades ago, in 1985, a state-of-emergency was declared in response to the growing opposition to apartheid.

Artists – musicians, theatre-makers, visual artists, filmmakers, writers, etc – were deeply involved in the struggle against apartheid, often using their art as “weapons of struggle”.

What about the current situation, South Africa 2015?

Should artists be engaged in the politics and socio-economic struggles of our contemporary times? If not, why not? If so, how? What is the role of the artist in post-apartheid South Africa?

This is the theme of a public forum to be hosted by the African Arts Institute on Monday 24 August at 17:30 at the District 6 Museum Homecoming Centre, 15 Buitenkant Street.

Speakers include veteran activist and poet, Maishe Maponya and representatives of Right2Know and the Unite Against Corruption Campaign.

District Six Museum

Homecoming Centre 2nd Floor

15 Buitenkant Street

Cape Town 8001


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