MUSIC & FASHION FUSION | CTFC & Music Exchange in Perfect Harmony @Grandwest

The Cape Town Fashion Council and Music Exchange create Music and Fashion Fusion from 25 to 26 September, 2015 at GrandWest, Cape Town, South Africa.

The Cape Town Fashion Council has developed and evolved over the last 9 years to deliver core programs to our growing constituent base, which are designed to impact on job creation and improve GDP along the clothing value chain.

Through multiple strategic partnerships, and sector level collaborations we aim to counteract the trends evident in the clothing, footwear and jewellery markets that directly impact on local manufacturing. Our latest collaboration marries the fashion and music industry, and for good reason!

Music and fashion are undoubtedly two of the most significant and influential elements in our society. These aspects play a substantial role in our everyday life and enacts a much larger impact on our global economy and the consumers than we comprehend. More importantly, music and fashion influences each other and harmonizes in such a way that it converts cultures – that are distinctly different – into a single culture fusion, identifiable by individuals with very different persuasions and tastes.

The Cape Town Fashion Council and the Music Exchange (#MEX15) collaboration will aim to imitate the belief that music and fashion unite as one identifiable culture – that there is a synergy and unmatched relationship between the two elements. The MEX event is considered one of the leading South African music, film and entertainment digital exchange networks and acts as an annual 3-day international music conference, masterclass, workshop and showcase platform.

The Cape Town Fashion Council will utilize this platform to showcase some of Cape Town’s most esteemed conceptual designer collections with the aim to connect with artists on personal level – A level where these artists see themselves wearing the designs to express their individual identities as musicians, and even as actors, and other entertainers – AND to exemplify the impact the connected cultures can have on each other and the South African and global economy in the long-run!

“The intent of MEX is aligned with the CTFC mandate to develop businesses in the creative sectors.

This partnership will encourage stronger collaborations between musicians and fashion designers.” said Bryan Ramkilawan, CEO of the Cape Town Fashion Council.

CAPE TOWN FASHION COUNCIL – Pioneering the South African Fashion Philosophy.

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