Karin Kortjé has a new single out, called “Live out Loud”. And it is the first song from the pen of the former SA Idols winner.

Karin releases powerful self-penned single

Karin sounds as good as ever, with the vocal abilities she displays yet again a testimony of her extraordinary God-given talent.

This song follows on the very successful single “Baby come to Me” that was a radio hit for Karin. But while “Baby come to Me” is a nice upbeat tune, “Live out Loud” is more like an anthem – with a definite message of hope to everybody finding him or herself in a tough situation.

And those struggling with the stark reality of dealing with Covid-19 and the lockdown would definitely find comfort in the lyrics that are so apt for our world that has irrevocably been transformed by the deadly virus.

Karin explains: “I wrote the song with Tyrone Marinus, he is guitarist and producer. He approached me about a month ago, explaining that this was his new venture and that he wanted to start producing songs. He said if I wanted to write and record songs, he was available.

“So, we wrote the song here at my house and then we recorded it at his house. He has a setup there – not a professional studio – but it is professional equipment. He sent the song to somebody else for remastering.”

The inspiration behind the song was Karin’s personal journey and the challenges she faced in her life. But she is cognisant of the fact that every human being faces different challenges, so the song speaks to overcoming life’s challenges in general.

“There are many problems facing people today, like rape, physical and verbal abuse, health issues, unemployment, family issues, crime… so people can basically just think about their own journey and struggles when listening to the song and hopefully find comfort and hope in it. We do survive, we do overcome our challenges, so we just need to stay strong and positive.

“Allow that to inspire you and be bold and live out loud. That is the title of the song, Live out Loud. Before the Cornavirus and Covid-19 children being murdered was in the spotlight again and that also just motivated me. I felt so helpless and I wanted to do something. So, when we started writing that was the driving force behind the song.

“I told Tyrone we are both parents and we need to put ourselves in the shoes of those parents who have lost children under those circumstances. During that time my son Cameron one evening during the week went to confirmation class at church and some guys followed him on his way home, with the intention of robbing him.

“He showed them his Bible and hymn book and fortunately they left him alone. That was the same night Taznay van Wyk was murdered. Cameron usually informs us when he’s finished, and we then fetch him but that night he didn’t. We were so worried and when the news of Taznay came through the next day, I just broke down crying thinking it could have been my son.”

The song is also giving hope to people battling to deal with the current Lockdown.

Karin does all the vocals on the song, but she has a surprise backing vocalist in her baby boy Joshua (5), who will melt hearts with his cute, sweet voice.

The song will be available on all digital platforms such as Apple Music, Google Play Music, Simfy Africa, Deezer and Tidal on 21 May 2020.

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