Sipho Mabuse, RJ Benjamin, Chantal Stanfield, Cinema, Dr Victor, Ard Matthews and more for Lockdown Legends on 28th June

Join us, as we look back and celebrate with the talents of SA’s retro ‘best of the best’, where they will perform online magic for all the world to see and hear from the comfort and safety of your home.

Hear the music and the stories that defined generation after generation – and reconnect with the music that defined you.

The event also includes tributes to some of our lost legends by more recent artists from the 2000’s

75% of the proceeds will be channeled directly to the music professionals that have worked on this project and 25% to other music industry professionals.

28th June 2020 from 8.15pm | Donation only R100 gets you full access

** You can view the content at any time from 8.15pm on the 28th June until the 5th July 2020 **

The COVID-19 crisis has sadly left every musician, event planner, technician and live event crew member without an income, but the upside is we can all do something about it. It is time for music lovers the world over to support their efforts – and in a fair exchange of entertainment for cash – reach for our wallets and look forward to being rewarded for your commitment and playing your part to help keep the entertainment economy alive and well.

The event features stars and members of the following bands from the 60’s to now


● 1964 – Dickie Loader

● 1967 – The Dream Merchants

● 1967 – Four Jacks & A Jill

● 1968 – The Staccatos


● 1971- Brian Mulder of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

● 1971 – Mick Matthews of The Hedgehoppers

● 1977 – Bernie Millar from Circus

● 1978- Andre De Villiers

● 1978 – Clout


● 1980 – Ballyhoo

● 1981 – Peach

● 1981 – Neil Solomon

● 1983 – Pierre De Charmoy

● 1984 – The Working Girls

● 1984 – Face to Face

1984 – Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse – Burnout

● 1985 – PJ Powers & Hotline

● 1985 – Robin Auld

● 1985 – Tim Parr of EllaMental

● 1985 – Heather Mac of Ella Mental

● 1985 – Sheldon Thomas & Craig Else of Petit Cheval

● 1986 – Stewart Irving

● 1988 – Cinema

● 1989 – Wendy Oldfield

● Lars Lofstrand of Celtic Rumours

1990’s & 2000’s

● 1994 – Dr Victor

● 1995 – Kreesan

● 1998 – David Beretta Owens of Lithium

● 1999 – John Ellis from Tree 63

● 2006 – Craig Hinds of Watershed

● 2008 – Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle

● 2018 – Ard Matthews of Just Jinjer

● 2002 – Mark Beling formerly formerly of Mean Mr Mustard

● 2020 – Bobo from Denim with new act BNL

● 2020 – Terence Reis of The Dire Straits Experience

● Danny K appearance

● Vicky Sampson appearance

● 1983 – Lloyd Cele pays tribute to Brenda Fassie

● 1978 – RJ Benjamin and Chantal Stanfield (The Benjafields) pay tribute to Zayn Adam and Pacific Express

Steve Umculo pays tribute to Hugh Masekela – Send Me, Mbombela , Bring Him Back Home, Sarafina

Presented by legendary DJ s

● Sean Brokensha

● Shado Twala

● Darren Scott

● Dave Guselli

● Kevin Savage

● Tony Blewitt

● David Gresham

● Peter Wise

● Benjy Mudie

Created & Produced by Jarrod Aston

Produced by: Glenda Sixel

Directed by: Di Rosen


Entertainment is a big source of happiness. And the quest for happiness is what keeps people moving forward with purpose. Covid-Zero puts entertainment first, giving artists, comedians and others a virtual concert stage to keep performing, engaging with you, their fans, and spreading positive lockdown messaging and good vibes. For performers in lockdown, online is the new live.

All you have to do is buy a ticket, sit back and watch, from the safety and comfort of your own home. Ticket sales will be donated directly to support the entertainers and will fund the manufacture and distribution of care packages including masks, hand sanitisers, food vouchers and safety information to communities across South Africa.

To give our audiences a voice in the silence, we are also offering you a ‘fans first’ option of voting for whom you would like to see perform. Our Gallery page will have photos of our wonderful Covid-Zero supporters dressed up for the concerts in their own homes and pictures of the distribution of Care Packages into our communities. You also have the option of making an additional donation to communities. Helping to take Covid-19 to Covid-Zero.

For media enquiries please contact;

Jarrod Aston | +2782 443 3209 or jarrod

Glenda Sixel | +2782 493 9738 or glenda

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