Wendy Oldfield has new music out today A song entitled “Home”

Award winning South African artist Wendy Oldfield kicks off 2021 with a fresh new sound, and single “Home”.

“Home”, taken from Oldfield’s forthcoming album “Salt”, is a rootsy exploration that finds Oldfield in a contemplative mood pondering matters of the soul further reinforced by Wendy’s unmistakable voice, and feel.

“The lyrics inquire the listener to ask what home means to them. “Is it a place within, the walls in which we live within, is it the earth we’re sharing?

It’s all and everything…it’s ‘home’. Recognizing a place that you call home makes it home; it’s where you put your hands in the soil and your writing on the wall”, says Wendy.

“Home” is produced by Matthew Fink and features Martin Schofield (WonderBoom) on guitars and Cedric Samson.

Download/Stream “Home” here:


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