With Amersham’s 2020 return, the band’s been diligently producing chart-hugging hits in the form of “Happy Face, “Cute as a Button”, and most recently, “Dilemma”.

As April teases, Amersham (made up of Adam Lomas, Sasha Sonnbichler, Tim Trotter, and Nathan Waywell) drop their fourth pop-rock revelation that’s anything but fictitious.

Unapologetic, in-your-face, stripped bare and introspective, Adam doesn’t waste any time in cutting to the chase, armed with wickedly addictive lines and equally masterful melodic intent. Add a wall of guitar distortion and a cornucopia of thundering drums to the mix and the effect is a palpable afterglow that lingers long after the fade.

Amersham, reignited, is pushing boundaries and challenging convention with each new track they drop, and “Fake” now sits atop a growing mount of cheeky adrenaline-fueled fun.

Taking one step at a time, the band’s reformation and subsequent signing to Gallo Record Company continues to be affirmed with tracks that their ever-burgeoning fan base love. “The popularity and success we most recently enjoyed with ‘Dilemma’ certainly invigorated us,” Nathan admits. “If anything, each single continues to indorse what we believed back in April last year when Adam initiated the rallying cry for us all to record again.”

With the band spread around the world, coupled with a global pandemic beating down the door, some might say their reunion was fraught from the start. “Yes, COVID forced us to think differently,” Nathan admits. “That said, however, if things had been different, we may have only ever tinkered and toyed with the idea, whereas the opposite happened. We reinvested in what we’d started. When we did that, our collective chemistry reignited our creativity.”

The subsequent success of the new songs has the band and longstanding fans feeling vindicated that there is still more great music to be made.

Armed with a lexicon that’s uniquely their own, Amersham is galvanised by the band’s collective ability to inspire not only themselves but, with each new single, cultivate and curate a place in modern rock that’s embracing their every move.

“Fake”, as with the previous three singles, is holistic – a song that was democratically written and recorded, playful and yet true to life.

“My lyrics are inspired by and are a response to the human condition,” Adam shares. “There’s nothing prescriptive, leaving a song like ‘Fake’ wide open to the listener’s interpretation.”

In essence, the Amersham collective finds itself on the same page, confident and in a good place, working towards a complete body of work before 2021 rings off.

Fun, not glib, Amersham’s “Fake” is further confirmation that the music they make is relevant, relatable and rocking out loud. Yes, play it all that way and the neighbours you’ve yet to meet will be over in a shot.

“Fake”, “Dilemma”, “Happy Face” and “Cute as a Button” are all out now and available across all digital platforms.

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