Jaffer Modern Art Gallery in Green Point is pleased to announce its exhibition titled, “Does this resonate with you”? runs till 10 July

Jaffer Modern Art Gallery at the Vib Hotel 7th Floor 181 Main Road, Green Point

is pleased to announce its exhibition titled, “Does this resonate with you”? runs till 10 July

The group show features artworks by Razia Myers, Shafina Jaffer, Mishkaah Amien and Ulriche Jantjes,

“Resonance’’ is described as the power to evoke enduring images, memories, and emotions.

It also describes the phenomenon of “increased amplitude that occurs when the frequency of a periodically applied force is equal or close to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts”. The artists search for reassurance, adaptation, direction, and stillness during a pandemic in that which resonates. Material forms become signifiers of time, place, and personal significance, creating a visual language that also asks the viewer, ‘Does this resonate with you’’? The artworks transform into sometimes autobiographical moments and melodic lines, which are rendered in a variety of media.

What results is an exhibition that brings psychological, nostalgic and orphic manifestations into form.

Art work pictured is by Razia Myers

Razia Myers’ body of work concentrates on metamorphosis and human agility.

She explores the anchors we seek, the evolution, adaptation and change for survival that is taking place amid a pandemic. Through her painting she presents this time as one of opportunity to morph into a metaphorical chrysalis state, reassessing, adopting agility, changing approach.

Ulriche’s Jantjes paintings are symbolic of a personal reflection around the landscape and the histories it enfolds.

This body of work conveys an obscured rendering of historical narratives by relying on imagination to complete and add to these narratives. Her practice reflects the process of delineating her heritage as a woman of colour. It can be perceived as interweaving various historical narratives as a means to contemplate the underpinnings of her heritage as a woman of colour.

Shafina Jaffer approaches painting as its unique genre and uses it to articulate spirituality.

She develops interpretative dexterity by conveying complex ideas and is inspired by sacred geometry, Kufic texts and Arabic calligraphy. Using these inspirations in tangent with spiritual art the artwork function as a dynamic agent of spirituality; providing a perspective to the spectator that goes beyond religious interpretation and towards spiritual pluralism.

Mishkaah Amien returns to her spiritual source and considers paper to be the keeper of history and memories. Amien recognizes the important function it plays in communicating the message to the spectator. She is inspired by how religion is communicated through sacred writings. The theme and subject matter present Islamic practice and spirituality, through exploring patterning by emphasizing the discipline that it imparts through its structure. Amien employs pattern and repetition as a metaphor for depicting obligatory daily prayers, rituals, and responsibilities.

OPEN NOW AND RUNS TILL – 10 July 2021.

LOCATION: Jaffer Modern Art Gallery, Vib Hotel, 7th Floor, 181 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa.


WEBSITE: www.Jaffermodern.com

Art work pictured is by Razia Myers

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