Uncle Cal’s megamix tribute to The Rockets

The Rockets have become renowned for producing great medleys of popular cover songs but they have never produced a medley of their own original material.

This is the ultimate tribute to one of the longest surviving South African bands.

The Uncle Cal tribute megamix contains the classic hits that defined the Rockets pop sound in the 80’s. The band has gone through many configurations but these songs bear testament to the forceful talents of the prolific lineup featuring Colin Bones Delight, Molly Baron, Jerry Watt, Ronnie Joyce, Franky Brown & Cliffie Valentine.

Uncle Cal says he had originally constructed the tribute mix to coincide with The Rockets 50th Anniversary in 2017 but never quite achieved the outcome he anticipated with his first attempt

When ex Rockets drummer, Molly Baron, passed away last year….” I felt compelled to revisit the mix and celebrate the legacy left behind by an amazing musician”

He went back to the drawing board and regrooved the mix with new drum beats. Then he had it remastered resulting in an enhanced track featuring the hit songs Surrender, Situations & Gimme a Break, Caught Up In The Act, Stick Up & Thank You Thank You.

The latter forming the basis of the mix as an ode of gratitude to these talented musicians segueing between the songs and stringing the mix together smoothly.

Uncle Cal’s megamix tribute to The Rockets highlights the world class talent of a local South African band that stood up to international counterparts such as Kool & The Gang, Tavares , The Jacksons and many others.

Contact uncle cal on info

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