Percolating perfection with RJ Benjamin and Vicky Sampson

Great, soul-filled, and fantastic music insists on being heard. One such song, despite the odds stacked against it at the time, survived the test of time to finally arrive, albeit fashionably late.

The story of “Love & Miracles’” genesis goes back some 14 years when, in 2007, RJ Benjamin, a then-rising star, singer and prolific music producer, met the already legendary Vicky Sampson.

Link to the song to stream

At the time, the two were building a strong working relationship and friendship. RJ acted as the producer for several songs Vicky had penned.

One track she presented was a ballad titled “Love & Miracles”, a song she had written with another celebrated musician and bassist, Trevor Donjeany, best known and respected for his work with the late-great Johnny Clegg.

The song was perfectly penned to be a duet and naturally, RJ agreed to sing alongside Vicky.

Sadly, the original recording of “Love & Miracles” was shelved, never to be heard and with it, the growing relationship these two great South African musicians had forged to that point.

Fast forward to 2020, when a pandemic and a national lockdown gripped the world. For many artists, this became a time of reflection, and for RJ a chance to finally dig into the “what ifs” around his unpublished and unreleased archive.

Upon re-listening to one such gem, “Love & Miracles”, it became clear to RJ that the song deserved to be heard by both his fans and the many loyal followers of Vicky Sampson. On a phone call that saw the two artists reconnected and a unique friendship rekindled, the duo agreed to re-record and re-release the song in 2021.

With assistance from the South African Performance Rights Association’s (SAMPRA) Production Fund, Vicky Sampson and RJ Benjamin can now finally and proudly present, “Love & Miracles”, proof of the fact that a great song will be heard, no matter what.

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