You don’t choose music; music chooses you – Nicole Bacher 

In new arrival Nicole Bacher’s case, the bug bit after getting married, raising children, and running a thriving psychology practice.

Sixteen years later, Nicole closed her business to focus on and finish her studies. With that, gaps appeared in her usually jam-packed diary to feed her creative curiosity. 

Blooming late

She filled it all, spending time with the celebrated, multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach and “Change the World” hit-maker, RJ Benjamin.

After a chance meeting on a campaign for post-natal depression, Nicole asked him to explore songwriting with her.

Nicole couldn’t play an instrument without prior knowledge of music theory, but it had always been on her bucket list, so the two conspired to make a hit together.

Under RJ’s carefully crafted mentorship, within two weeks, a song began to take shape, which would later realise as the chart-contender, “You Hold My Soul”.


“I feel like everything in this process developed organically,” Nicole shares. “I don’t think I planned much. I only knew I wanted to write a ballad for my husband.”

Add musical maestro Bryan Schimmel, who had been working with Nicole’s son at a performing arts school, to the mix, and suddenly serendipity and chemistry were at play.

Encouraged by the process with RJ, Nicole approached Bryan to help her vocally develop. She found herself in a songwriting/performing master class, tapping into skills she discovered for the first time.

“The funny thing is that it wasn’t my intention to go into music professionally,” Nicole admits. “I had an opportunity to work with RJ, and I thought it would be fun to try and write a song, something that’s always been on my bucket list. I had no idea if I’d have the aptitude for it.

Naturally talented

“When it became clear that I loved the process, I realised I’d need some vocal support, and so I asked Bryan Schimmel, who happened to be helping my son at the time, to train me, she adds. “I think we were all amazed at how the song turned out. And so, it was only when RJ suggested that we try and promote it that I even considered that possibility.”

Welcome to the new normal

Nicole was suddenly a songwriter and performing artist. Proudly presenting her first-ever release, “You Hold My Soul”, a classic ballad exploring themes of gratitude and dedication towards her husband for their journey together.

Nicole continues to write with the help of her exceptional team, ensuring that “You Hold My Soul” is merely the genesis of many more chapters to follow.

This is the link to the work.

“I’m afraid the music bugs bit. Yes, we’ve written two additional songs, the three of us. It’s been one of the most exciting journeys of my life, and I’m not sure if I can or want to give it up.”

Dreams become reality

“I started with the fantasy of trying to write a song,” Nicole admits. “What has unfolded is beyond anything I could have imagined. I have discovered an aptitude and a love for songwriting, and I’ve pushed myself vocally into areas I never thought possible.”

Together, strong

“I have done this with the support of two incredibly talented and nurturing musicians,” she concludes. “I am thrilled with what we have produced, so in my mind, this journey has been wildly successful. Anything that develops from here is icing on the cake.”

And cake there is aplenty, so best tuck in and enjoy the feast “You Hold My Soul” offers and look forward to many more courses of delicious, agenda-free talent simply wanting to share talent with whoever finds a connection. And by all accounts, that’s the world judging genius and applauding at every turn.

Nicole Bacher - You Hold My Soul

For more information, contact:

R J Benjamin on

 079 039 3410

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