#WeAreDyingHere claims top honours in the Best Short Film category at this year’s SAFTAs


Cape Town, Monday, 5 September 2022 – After a successful festival run across the USA, South Africa, Germany, and Australia, the highly acclaimed short film #WeAreDyingHere took home the coveted Golden Horn at this year’s SAFTA’s, claiming top honours in the Best Short Film category. 

“History is being made in this collaboration between poetry, stage and film, and the SAFTA win is a sign that the world is ready for a film of this nature,” said Director Shane Vermooten. 

In her acceptance speech, Siphokazi Jonas acknowledged, “The team of collaborators who took the risk of adapting the initial stage play to film, including Zimbini Makwetu, Hope Netshivhambe, Shane and Bianca Vermooten, the Kolisi Foundation, Rachel and Siya Kolisi, and everyone who helped bring this story to life.”  

The SAFTA-winning short film is now available on Showmax.

#WeAreDyingHere is an intimate reflection on the impact of violence, harassment, abuse, rape and femicide on everyday life. It chronicles the journey of three soldiers forced to survive a war they did not choose. In a war against women’s bodies, they attempt to find solace by telling their stories under the constant watch of a relentless enemy. It is a necessary poetic insight into the experience of living in South Africa, where names of missing or murdered women frequently trend. 

Shane reflected in his speech, “It is my hope that this film will speak to men and that they will step up and take their place against the issue of gender-based violence.” 

#WeAreDyingHere is produced by Bianca Vermooten from Optical Films, Siphokazi Jonas from Wrestling Dawn Arts and Executive Producers Siya Kolisi, Rachel Kolisi, the Kolisi Foundation and is directed by Shane Vermooten. 

The producing team would like to acknowledge all the reluctant soldiers in this war we did not choose. We will not stop fighting! 

For more information, contact: martmyers@gmail.com


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