What Must Fall? | Webinar With Siphokazi Jonas on 13th October at 15H00

What Must Fall? | Webinar

What Must Fall? | Webinar

If we were to conduct a comparative study of anti-Colonial / anti-Apartheid liberation struggles and the #Fallism Movement, we would find that one of the defining differences between these two is the (supposed) clarity of enemy and purpose in the former. Who were we taking down? 
The colonial or Apartheid government. What did we want? Political power for the majority, human rights and access to resources that had been previously denied.
 All other nuanced complexities were secondary to these primary pressures.

The #Fallism movement problematized the way in which the liberation struggles constructed routes to freedom. It drew attention to the fact that winning these struggles had not resulted in the total elimination of oppression. It also noted that oppression was not a singularly defined experience, and that its manifestations could be discovered at the intersection of various identities and socio-economic categories that a singular body occupies.

In deference to the #Fallism movement’s focus on intersectionality, we wanted to explore how one identifies what must fall next? Our featured poets who have themselves been at the center of resistance/empowerment activity in their respective countries will share their journeys to intersectional activism. We’ll explore how they construct ‘the enemy’, the role that youthful oblivion and hindsight play in this process. and how they gauge the impact of their work on the things have and need to keep on falling!

Moderator: Quaz Roodt
Panellists: Siphokazi Jonas, Jim Pascual, Roche Kester

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