Number 1 The most read BizCommunity Contributor for 2022, reach over 601 000 subscribers

We’re delighted to share the news that Martin Myers – founder of Music Exchange – is number 1..

The most read BizCommunity Contributor for 2022.

L to R – Martin Myers, Mark Rosin, Marc Marot, Dr Trevor Jones

If you have music and wish to be featured, write to so that questions can be sent to you.

The author writes under the Music Exchange Banner to amplify the artists message on this huge platform.

Reach over 370 000 professional website readers.

The weekly Mailer that goes out has over 601 000 subscribers

Martin has been one of the top writers for the last 6 years on the BizCommunity Lifestyle section, specifically writing about Music.

The AVE as monitored by NewsClip is well over R150K per article for both Biz Community!

Do contact us for media reach and stories please.

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