Superb masterclass with RJ Benjamin & Cameron Ward – held on Sat 4th Feb

An outstanding 2 hour masterclass with RJ Benjamin and Cameron Ward took place on Sat 4th Feb at Paul Bothners Claremont, (the home of sat morning masterclasses for MEX).

A detailed breakdown of collaboration and the success that can be achieved as well as the challenges was highlighted in the talk.

RJ opened up as to how he got Cameron to feature on the new work YONELA coming out later this month, and the process involved as well as splits and the paperwork needed to achieve success. As singer songwriter Andy Hoyle – mentioned in a note post event – such good info and so much to learn, from creatives at the top of their game. Nice to see Dylan Red who is working with RJ whilst he is in Cape Town seek out more knowledge. Craig Parks from Jazzathon and Martin Myers facilitated the morning. Jerome the store manager of the Claremont branch was overjoyed with the turnout and engagement. Enjoy the pics of the morning.

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