Welcome #MEX23 Keynote speaker Meng Ru Kuok CEO of Caldecott Music Group including BandLab Technologies

Welcome our Keynote speaker Meng Ru Kuok  from Singapore. (We have 3 more Global thought leaders flying in to the conference)

Meng Ru Kuok is the Group CEO & Founder of Caldecott Music Group, a global music industry investor and innovator spanning multiple sectors, including digital (BandLab Technologies), media (NME Networks), and manufacturing and retail (Vista Musical Instruments).

 By integrating the physical, digital, and social supply chain around music, CMG brings together brands and people who are passionate about music, allowing them to deliver authentic content, products, and experiences for all music lovers.

 CMG portfolio brands include BandLab, Cakewalk, MONO, Harmony, Heritage Guitars, Teisco, Swee Lee, NME, Guitar.com, MusicTech and Uncut. 

At our core, MEX is like a veritable teacher that delivers critically needed skills to society to serve the greater good and foster prosperity and sustainability in the Arts sector. A vibrant world-class South African music industry is premised on successful homegrown talent locally with a global reach and international acclaim.   

As a strategic and branded partner, you will ensure the successful sharing of experiences and knowledge of keynote speakers with artists participating in panel discussions, workshops, and showcases at #MEX23.

Music Exchange 2023, #MEX23, Conference – 22, 23 and 24 June 2023

Get your tickets now at Quicket and the MEX ticket gives your FREE  entrance to Jazzathon 


A MEX ticket is R250.00 for all three days (not per day)

Billionaire Kuok Family-Backed Music App BandLab Taps Into AI For TikTok’s Breakout Stars


Meng Ru Kuok

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