Tuned In Publicity, the specialist music public relations company, has spread its wings and will open up shop in England in January 2016.

The 6-year old PR consultancy aims to take South African pop/ rock music to the UK market and has a long-term strategic vision to be a part of putting South African music back on the global stage.

Tuned In Publicity will provide musicians and bands with integrated marketing services that include both traditional and digital PR and marketing methods. There will be a strong emphasis on content development and marketing. The second and equally huge focus for the company will be regional radio plugging where South African music will be presented to producers and music compilers of over 300 small radio stations across the United Kingdom.

“There are literally dozens of radio stations that have their own dedicated slots, which showcase independent and unsigned talent and we will be targeting these particular programs for air play,” said managing director, Tim Hill, who recently re-located to the United Kingdom, “It has been many years since an international artist broke from South Africa and my personal dream is to make this happen for someone. We have the talent and it is a matter of getting these artists heard by the right people and the public in order to build an international following.”

The music business contributed over £4 billion to the UK GDP in 2014 and there are over 400 radio stations across the country. Successful South African acts that have broken internationally on a large scale include Clout and Seether. Tuned In Publicity, which started in 2010 in Cape Town after Music Exchange , has provided PR and radio plugging services to a number of top local and international bands including Watershed, CrashCarBurn, Cindy Alter, Michael Bolton and Jennifer Rush.

For more information, contact Tim Hill on +44 7551 605 455 or email tim.

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