#NewMusicFriday a SA house music classic, “Change The World”, is available on Streaming platforms now

One of the biggest songs of RJ Benjamins career and a song that many now consider a SA house music classic, “Change The World”, has never been available on Streaming platforms.

Well…it’s finally available!

Many thanks to Sergio Botelho for helping RJ get the song up!

Here’s a link to the ‘Change The World EP’ and for context, if you’d like to know the details RJ breaks down each version: https://smarturl.it/20scx3

Track 1. Change The World – DJ Masterjam feat. RJ Benjamin (Dr Duda Remix) – This was not the original version of the song but it was the version that in Dec 2008 and into 2009 had a huge portion of Southern Africa losing their minds. It literally changed my career in positive and negative ways. I think it influenced a lot of the SA vocal house music of the 2010’s.

Track 2. 2010 Change The World (Feat. Slikour) – if my memory serves me right, Slikour was going to rap on the original version of ‘Change The World’ (recorded in 2007). He was at the session but decided not to record a rap. In 2010 I finally convinced him to record a rap for the song and it is awesome 🙌🏻 This version is also produced by the legend that is Dr Duda.

Track 3. Change The World (Chris Sen Remix) – besides Dr Duda’s massively popular remix, this is by far the best remix ever done to the song.

Track 4. Change The World DJ Masterjam Feat. RJ Benjamin – This was the original recorded back in 2007. Sheree O’Brien set up the session with Duda, Slikour and myself. My life at the time was in utter turmoil. A string of life-changing events occurred during this period. My late dad’s brother passing away, the most traumatic break-up in my life, a house break-in that could easily have ended in me losing my life, a friendship and fallout with a SA music legend, along with a small war with a major label. All of it influenced the way I was writing and I wrote this song. It was all about trying to inspire the idea that if each of us do our small bit we could change the world for the better. I actually hate this vocal. I was not in the right headspace at the time and I very clearly remember walking out of the session thinking nothing will happen with this terrible vocal I recorded. You can clearly hear with the additional vocals on this version that I was struggling to get in the zone. Who knew Duda would rework it into such a banger 🤷🏻‍♂️

Track 5. 2012 Change The World – this was the only RJ produced version of the song. I wanted to create a fully live interpretation that would take the song completely out of its typical house form while still using the elements that made the song so successful. It’s basically a “what if the Gypsy Kings were given Change The World to remix” 😂

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