Delighted on behalf of Music Exchange to judge the 3rd annual Delft Youth Talent 2020

Delft Youth Festival is an innovative partnership community project between Bold Moves and Good Deeds Foundation, with support from other NGO’s, schools, businesses and organisations in Delft.

In 2018, the Festival was first launched to coincide with South Africa’s National Youth Day of remembrance for all the brave students and young citizens who took part in the 1976 Soweto uprising protests. The Festival’s purpose is to celebrate, unite, transform and empower the youth in Delft. The festival contributes positively to the long term social, cultural and economic development of Delft as a community.

Sadly, due to the ongoing challenges of covid19 in South Africa and around the world this year’s festival will focus only on the ‘Delft Youth Talent’ segment as a virtual project.

The Delft Youth Talent provides the opportunity for local diverse people in the Delft area to showcase their talents, promote social cohesion and cultural integration, and bring the community together in a fun and safe environment. Our targeted age is 7 years minimum to 35 years maximum, solo and group entries welcome.


1) Delft Youth Talent Audition (Virtual) opens Tuesday 9 June and closes Tuesday 16 June.

Contestants to submit through our email, a short 4 minutes maximum video showcasing their talent. At the beginning of the video, each contestant must state his / her full name (s), name of the group (if applicable) and their act (singing, dancing, playing instrument, recital of poem, drumming, etc). All talent welcome. The top twenty (20) contestants will be featured regularly on our Delft Youth Festival facebook page and other social media platforms.

2) Delft Youth Talent Finals (Virtual) will take place on Saturday 27 June 1pm to 3pm.

Twelve (12) finalists will be selected from the top twenty (20) contestants by 3 dynamic, diverse and experienced judges (Ann Juries-May – actress; Nomi Mzamane – Producer, Actress & Presenter & yourself). The idea is for the 12 finalists (given different ‘spaced’ times to attend) to perform (by appointment one at a time) from a venue in Delft where covid 19 compliance will be taken seriously.

Mrs Kemi Akiyode-Adebayo

Executive Director / CEO

Cell / Whatsapp: +27 (0) 79 084 2987
Facebook: Bold Moves Africa

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