At the start of a new decade that’s being punctuated with nothing less than mayhem and general confusion, trust Amersham to respond to the new normal with a song and lyrical theme that’s survived more than its fair share of turmoil – infidelity.

As lead singer and songwriter Adam Lomas presents it, the song is about “a man with a dilemma. He is at a point in his life where he is tempted to cheat on his wife with a beautiful woman he is extremely attracted to. Whether he goes through with it or not, the thought will always be there. He believes that he should live life to the full, experience all he can, seize the moment, but at the same time, he knows that he is supposed to be true to his partner. This is his dilemma. Will he get himself together or will he “get down?”.

Riddled with intoxicating guitar teases and a rhythm equally enticing, what “Dilemma” showcases is a band very much in touch with the audiences it wishes to appeal to. Adam writes the unspoken and the band thrash out the grit and reality of what is already messy, and yet somehow the collective delivers it all with ease and grace as only a band of their pedigree can.

With the 2020 return of one of South Africa’s most beloved bands, Amersham (made up of Adam Lomas, Sasha Sonnbichler, Tim Trotter, and Nathan Waywell) has already delivered two stellar singles, “Happy Face” and “Cute as a Button”, both of which continue to surprise and delight die-hard, longstanding fans, all the while inviting the newly curious into their rich catalogue of aural twists and turns. “Dilemma is the third in a series that all fit neatly into a body of work that will be released soon.

“Dilemma”, “Happy Face” and “Cute as a Button” are all out now and available across all digital platforms

“Amersham – Dilemma” is out now across all digital platforms

A proud signing to Gallo Record Company, Amersham, now a globally scattered collective, continue to reconnect and reignite a musical flame that never truly went out.

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