Moreira’s independent record label, Morestar Entertainment, released The Moreira Project – Vol1: The Journey back in 2005.
It was Moreira Chonguiça’s debut album, as a solo artist, co-produced with multi-instrumentalist, Mark Fransman.

Seventeen of the 19 tracks were composed by Moreira, over numerous years, as he grew from music student to professional musician.

The album features long-time friend Najee, on several tracks, as well as trumpeter, Marcus Wyatt, John Hassan, on percussion, as well as the vocal talents of Wanda Baloyi
and her father Jaco Maria.
The album highlights some of Southern Africa’s finest musicians in the form of Lucas Khumalo, Kevin Gibson, Buddy Wells, William Haubrich, Cameron Ward, Helder Gonzaga, Julio Siganque, Antonio Paco, Anton Mannel and Serendal Scheepers.
The album won a SAMA for Best Producer for Moreira and Mark Fransman.

Moreira Chonguiça’s achievements, as a jazz saxophonist, have taken him to all corners of the globe, and his music has touched many, but a debut album is a pivotal moment in a composer’s life when the world finally gets to hear the music.

“Moreira brings some serious twenty-first-century flair back into the South African jazz scene with this proudly Pan-African set of salsa-funk jazz fusion. It is an unapologetic diaspora groove celebration, with smooth supper club-friendly songs segueing into cool Afro-blue ballads, playful Afro-Latin joints, lyrical ancestral jazz conversations and more” – MK review

“It is not easy to deliver an infectious groove without repeating sounds that have been heard so much they become cliché,” Woodrow Wilkins Jr – All About Jazz admits. “However, when said, the groove is melded with a variety of cultural influences, competent musicianship on every instrument and a sense of adventure, that’s when you’ve got something special – like The Journey, an hour and 18 minutes of musical diversity created by The Moreira Project.”

“A great musical journey that grows on you” – Top Billing, Jan 2006.

Here is the link to listen, stream, download or buy this album

About Moreira Chonguiça

Mozambican jazz-saxophonist, composer, producer, academic and philanthropist, Moreira Chonguiça is feted as one of the finest exponents of innovative and original jazz from Africa.
As an independent artist with six award-winning, globally informed and celebrated albums – he is blazing a trail from his east-African roots to the world.

Exposed to, and inspired by, the likes of Miles Davis, Fela Kuti, Percy Sledge and Manu Dibango, Moreira’s energetic contemporary rhythmic compositions have garnered applauses across all six continents.

His unique sound, technical agility and ingenuity on the alto and soprano saxophone, coupled with passionate stage performance captivates audiences universally.
Moreira’s passion and drive to promote Mozambican culture and lifestyle through jazz has seen the production of his Morejazz Series festival since 2012 and the formation of the Morejazz Big Band in 2014 become permanent fixtures on the jazz landscape of Mozambique

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