Julian Bach is back with Element — the second single off his sophomore album

Julian Bach is back with Element — the second single off his sophomore album Heavy Breathing

and it’s exactly the fresh, stirring approach to pop-powered rock that everyone needs to hear right now.

Flying solo since 2013, Bach has released two full-length albums in the last few years, maturing and honing his signature sound that fuses acoustic and alternative rock with pop and folk sounds, as well as his songwriting and incredible vocal power — the culmination of which is on full showcase in Element. Shot, directed, and edited by Julian himself, Element is all about living life with passion and being in your element. “I wrote it in one sitting.

I think it took me about an hour to write… and the strangest thing is, it turned out to be one of my most favourite originals ever,” says Julian.

The video itself holds conceptual weight. Playing on the four natural elements as a creative hook, the video features professionals and performers living out their respective passions to the backing of Julian’s music.

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Bach enlisted talented professional dancers Tiana Smit and Mason Mendu, who perform lilting acrobatic ballet choreography depicting Air, while Julian’s one and only brother, Neil Bach — a horticulturalist by trade — unearths crystals in the green depths of a leafy forest to portray Earth. Skilled fire fan performers Chantelle Schreuder and Rene Olivier get up close and personal with live flames to depict Fire, while Julian himself — a frequent surfer, notorious waterchild, and typical Scorpio — takes the element of Water on all by himself.

In Julian’s own words: “I wanted this music video to portray people doing what they love, and then to juxtapose that with our planet’s natural elements. Because following your passion is one of the most important parts of being human… and it’s also one of the most natural.”

Check out the Element music video. And remember to stay passionate.

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