Tome releases melancholy music video for Conquer

At 45, Tome is proving that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Encouraged by his late brother Daniel, Cape Town based singer songwriter Tome released his debut single Conquer in July this year with an accompanied music video.

The original idea was to contrast black and white images with the overall motivational message of the song.

Released to critical acclaim, the song is currently charting on various stations in the country. With this success, the team together with videographer Danie Nel decided to relook at the video to give it that extra finesse.

Tome says, “This revised version we believe makes that contrast even more apparent with imagery of different scenes and an ever present theme of not giving up.”

The video has a melancholy feel, much like the song itself, yet is inspirational and uplifting in its message. The symbolism of eyes looking up and people standing up is central to the song’s theme of ‘don’t give up, you will overcome, you will conquer”.

“I do believe the video now better reflects this message,” Tome affirms.

He continues,” I do hope that with the added imagery, Conquer will be seen and heard by a wider audience who will understand and appreciate the message behind the song. If this revised version lands up with someone who needed some encouragement and strength, then I believe good has been done and that the song has fulfilled its purpose.”

Being his first video, Tome was nervous. He is generally shy and says that having the camera up close and personal was intimidating. He gives thanks to Danie Nel for the pointers and ability to make him feel calm and relaxed. Looking at the final product, Tome is extremely happy with the outcome and looking forward to hearing what the public think.

Tome would like to send a special thanks to Danie Nel, Patric van Blerk, Genevieve Vieira, Nicole Visser, Neil Benjamin and Lynne Poulsen Blamire.

Watch the track here:

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