M-PIRE Music and Pins & Knuckles opens 4th Dec in Cape Town

On Saturday the 4th of December we will be hosting the official launch of Cape Town’s dynamic new destination music retail store and creative hub.

M-Pire Music is in theory, a new Indie Record Store offering a wide range of vinyl and CD, but in reality, it’s so much more, with the venue boasting an array of local and international band merchandise and a range of cool

lifestyle products. It is also a live music space showcasing a broad spectrum of local music, artist promotional appearances, product launches and industry workshop facilities.

The venue is proud to also be the launch pad for Pins & Knuckles’ new Cape Town store. Pins & Knuckles offers a one-stop-shop merchandise production service for the entertainment and retail industry.

On launch day, you can expect some awesome discounts and product giveaways, as well as a line-up of live music and vinyl DJ’s.

We’ll be giving away one free shirt or tote bag with a design of your choice to the first 30 people through the door! (Please bring along the Hi-res png image you want printed).

For artist and bands, we will be running an amazing opening day prize. Updates and further details will be announced on the M-Pire Music and Pins and Knuckles social media pages.

As part of our integrated music retail experience, on launch day we have a special limited offer to bands or artists looking for a full free day in the beautiful STFD Recording Studio, which is also located at the same venue, as well as a first run of 50 T-Shirts with your brand or design printed to get your customized merchandise game rolling…this one’s for you!!

A little more about both brands:

M-PIRE Music – An Integrated Music Retail Experience. In a digital world, we wanted to keep some things a little analogue.

“We’ve had a shared vision of creating a dedicated space to retail and showcase artists and products from across the music industry, where people can come and hang out, browse records and music lifestyle products, experience local music and connect with musicians or other creatives. With national stores like Musica and Look & Listen closing down, we saw an opportunity to execute our vision. Just because these stores closed their doors, doesn’t mean people don’t want to buy music on a physical format. On the contrary, just look at the exponential worldwide growth and demand for the vinyl market.

We’re trying to bring the soul back into buying and consuming music by offering a great creative space where people can come and browse, interact and generally have an awesome retail experience. At the same time, as proud purveyors of local South African music, we’re providing a space for local bands and artists to showcase and retail their music and merchandise in a destination store where customers can get both products that they want and discover new artists and releases at the same time”.

Jon Shaban and Charles Kühn
(Founders of M-PIRE Music)

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