PR ,press call it what you want will never just come to you.

You have to have a story and have consistency in the work you do.

A flash of inspiration and flurry of work for 4 weeks and then nothing for 6 months does not bode well for media to support you and or your brand.

Keep putting out authentic stuff every 6 weeks or once a month ,you never know where it will land. Be consitent.

Just read this as an example that happened this weekend

A visual artist Razia Myers finished off a paining last year July 2021 during the civil unrest in South Africa and media covered the story extensively due to the sheer scale of the work and the authenticity of the work

Myers says she started the large oil painting in 2018 but finished it recently following the events that transpired in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

The Oranjezicht resident says her painting of an African woman in a forest filled with large trees and illuminating light piercing through the darkness depicts the state of the country.

Myers says she was reflecting on the country and the dryness of the land.

“I wanted to depict the state of our country by visually highlighting the empty canals, lakes and rivers remnant of the sleuths and slams found in our townships in South Africa. I portrayed the crops as a metaphor to a land that has so much potential. I decided to depict this scene in a forest filled with large trees and illuminating light piercing through the dark hole we often find ourselves in our country.”

Myers says she decided to portray the country in an embodiment of an African woman and the light signifies glimmers of hope.

“I tried to capture the emotion of despair and sadness in her eyes where her face is half shadow half-light. When all the turmoil began recently. I immediately thought of this magnanimous spirit portrayed in this painting and I decided to rework her emotion even more.”

and then a year latter on Saturday 9 July 2022 a major tv station gave her 15 min prime time on the breakfast show to talk about the work again . Who knew this would happen ,Pr you cant buy.

(Visual Artist Razia Myers oil painting which she started in 2018 only came to completion during the period of the #JulyUnrest. She explains the painting a year on after the 2021 deadly riots and what the painting signifies now. #Newzroom405 🙏🏼👌)


When the chance arrives take it ,you are never too busy to get in the room and be authentic and tell the story.The same rules apply to a visual artist as to a music artist ,diff medium but desired result is the same .

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