Lee Cole to play De Waal Park on Sunday 12th Feb with one pristinely produced pop song at a time.

Lee Cole has steadily been making his musical presence known, one pristinely produced pop song at a time and he plays De Waal Park with Prime Circle and Jesse Clegg this Sunday 12th Feb.

Gates open at 10am. Book at Quicket 

Raised in Joburg, Lee Cole first gained attention in 2017 through his cover of the hit ‘Akanamali’ which has garnered over 320,000 views on YouTube to date. That same year, Cole released his first string of songs which saw rotation on a selection of SA’s biggest radio stations.

2020 was the big year for Lee as he released his breakout singles ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ and ‘Pink Dragons’ which saw him charting on major radio stations across South Africa

He released ‘Honey, Let Me In’ as his first single of 2021 and once again raced into the radio charts across SA.

April 2021 hits  continued  with the release of ‘Emotional’ most recently ‘Cold’.

Lee steps into 2023 with a string of hit singles following 3 years of incredible success topping charts across radio.  His latest single With or Without You” is out now 

We chatted last week 

What is your purpose?

I believe my purpose is to connect with people emotionally and soulfully through my music.

What does music mean to you?

Music is pretty much my life – and my purpose.

My music is about…

My music speaks about people and relationships and the very complex thing that is human emotion.

What is your motto?

To make people feel in any way possible.

Fame is about…

Influencing people to be better versions of themselves.

Retirement will happen when…

I feel fulfilled.

I don’t do…

Pineapple on pizza.

I would love to co-write with…

Billie Eilish.

Where do you go for inspiration to create?

I draw it from everything around me. There’s always a moment that could spark something genuine.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

Writing the songs because in the process you start form the beginning and its a blank canvas which allows you endless opportunities to explore.

The song you must do during every show?

Pink Dragons.

Any funny moments on stage?

Plenty. Had a bra thrown at me not too long ago.

My heroes are…

My parents.

My style icon is…

I would say Harry Styles.

Which living person do you admire most and why?

My Parents. My love goes deep for them.

What is your most treasured possession?

I would say my piano at home. It was passed on as a heirloom through generations before me so it feels a bit more special.

It’s your round; what are you drinking?

A cold beer.

Dream gig to do?

Glastonbury or Madison Square Garden.

What makes you stand out?

On stage I would say my vocal tone. It’s a bit unusual.

Any nicknames?

None that I know of haha.

If you were not a musician, what would you do?

I’d probably be either in sports or psychology/medicine.

Pick five words to describe yourself?

Driven. Charismatic. Air-headed. Authentic. Goofy.

Five must have songs on your Spotify playlist please

Time – Hans Zimmer

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Movie- Tom Misch

Gravity – John Mayer

U & I – Galantis

Greatest Movie Ever Made?

Everything. Everywhere. All At Once.

What book are you reading?

The Alchemist.

What song changed your life?

Time – Hans Zimmer

What is your favorite Word?


Top of your bucket list?

See Tokyo.

Your greatest achievement?

Being able to do what I love and call it work.

What do you complain about most often?

Loadshedding ;)

What is your biggest fear?

Not truly living.

Happiness is…


On stage, I tend to…

Move around a lot.

The best life lesson you have learned?

Patience is a virtue.

What has been your favorite journey so far?

Just making music and watching it spread to all sorts of ears around the world.

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