Tonight 9pm CapeTalk listeners can tune in to the station’s new segment the ‘Business of Entertainment’

Tonight (Thurs evening at 9pm) CapeTalk listeners can tune in to the station’s new segment the ‘Business of Entertainment,’ that promises to deliver a fascinating and first-hand account of the South African entertainment industry.

Hosted by industry legend music manager and publicist, Martin Myers this weekly half-hour segment will give powerful insights into the minds and careers of award-winning creatives, with a strong focus on the business side of the creative industry. 

Each episode will feature a candid conversation between Myers and a creative in the music, theatre, design or television space. 

Myers says the conversations will be entertaining and inspirational, peppered with true stories, first-person accounts, and invaluable tips from the people who’ve made a successful living from their craft.

“We will be bringing key executives onto the station to delve into every aspect of the entertainment business. We will be exploring topics like the business of royalties, how to manage cash flow and the science of ticketing. Big industry players will talk about how long it took to become an overnight success and how they dealt with and still deal with rejection and success. We will ultimately unpack what it takes to make a living as a South African artist,” says Myers.

CapeTalk Station Manager Tessa van Staden says the station is passionate about supporting creatives. 

“Artists, musicians, sculptors, performers, directors and authors hold a mirror to society to reflect who and what we are. They play one of the most difficult and important functions, often without the necessary backing and resources. This segment will share some practical tips for those starting out in the industry. The ‘Business of Entertainment’ hopes to inspire our audience while also championing those who have paved a way in the sector,” says van Staden.

For all the business insights you can’t google, don’t miss the ‘Business of Entertainment’ every Thursday at 21:00.My guest this week is media Professional Jason Curtis

Jason has 30-plus years of media experience, having worked across all areas including print, digital, radio and television, supporting a multitude of industries. 

He has been an Editor, Publisher and Group Account Director, working in a broad range of sectors, specialising in motoring, sport, property, finance, health, hospitality, design, entertainment and internal communications. Over that time, he’s published award-winning titles (VISI; Mercedes-Benz magazine (print and digital), Privé (Sun International), Family (Mediclinic) and Top Forty magazine, amongst many, many others


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